Data Protection as a Service

What Does Data Protection as a Service Mean?

Data protection as a service (DPaaS) is a cloud-based or web-delivered service for protecting data assets. Companies can utilize this type of service to enhance network security and to build better security for data in transit and data at rest.


Techopedia Explains Data Protection as a Service

Companies that offer DPaaS provide tools and services that can deliver the functionality of modules, such as network analysis software programs, through a service model. In addition to keeping data safer, DPaaS providers claim that their tools can help clients in bringing their own services to market.

In general, DPaaS tools support the use of technologies like VPN to aid in remote work security. In addition to having these secure “tunnels,” clients may need data backup solutions and more. DPaaS vendors step in and inject their services into the data models used by a business for remote computing. DPaaS services may include the use of hypervisors and network virtualization tools, or firewalls and other resources. Where previously security used to be built into a physical network at a corporate site, much of it can now be outsourced to DPaaS vendors.


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