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Ad Hoc Reporting

What Does Ad Hoc Reporting Mean?

Ad hoc reporting refers to reports that are put together creatively by users in real-time, rather than pre-designed according to a template.


Techopedia Explains Ad Hoc Reporting

The idea of ad hoc reporting is also used to talk about ‘one-off’ or one-time reports that are done in a customized way, to provide results for one specific question or objective.

IT professionals also might use the term ‘ad hoc analysis’ to describe ad hoc analytics reports and other kinds of ad hoc reporting. The idea of ad hoc reporting is basically the idea of ‘building your own’ reports.

Users may take advantage of helpful wizards or guides that offer the ability to help them choose features for reports and set the scope, variability, and other aspects of the report as needed. In some cases, ad hoc reporting tools may also provide for customized visual presentation with graphs, charts and other tools.


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