Apache Drill

What Does Apache Drill Mean?

Apache Drill is an open-source program that enables the interactive analysis of bulk datasets present on different computers. The primary function of Apache Drill is the distributive application of data analysis and data storage. Drill enables the joining of a single data entity with multiple datastores and applications. Apache Drill is an industrial-scale database engine and is extremely developer and user friendly.


Techopedia Explains Apache Drill

Drill is an Apache top-level project. Apache Drill is the open-source version of Google’s Dremel system. One of the biggest advantages of using Drill is its data optimizer, which is able to automatically rearrange the data structure in order to save space and internal processing capacities of a datastore. Drill is also able to store data location, so it is able to locate Drill and datastore at the same nodes without any confusion.

Apache Drill is able to process petabytes of data stored in as many as 10,000 servers and millions of records in mere seconds.


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