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What Does Data Management Association Mean?

The Data Management Association (DAMA) is a non-profit and vendor-independent association of business and technical professionals that is dedicated to the advancement of data resource management (DRM) and information resource management (IRM). The organization takes care of the development and execution of procedures, practices, policies and architecture that properly manage the full data life cycle of an enterprise.


Techopedia Explains Data Management Association

The Data Management Association was founded in 1980 with its first chapter in Los Angeles, California. Its primary purpose is to promote the understanding and development of the practices of data and information management as key enterprise assets, and, since 1989, DAMA has hosted annual conferences in this field with the first being in Gaithersburg, Maryland. It currently has 40 chapters worldwide in 16 countries, with the biggest presence being in the United States.

DAMA publishes a guidebook called "The DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge" (DAMA-DMBOK), which has been available since April 5, 2009. The association also recognizes data professionals who have made significant and demonstrable contributions to the industry in line with DAMA International’s vision, which is "to be an essential resource to those who engage in information and data management" through the DAMA Individual Achievement Awards.

Other awards include:

  • Academic Achievement Award – for a member of the academe for outstanding research or theoretical contributions to the field
  • DAMA Community Award – for the community member who has gone above and beyond volunteerism in providing exceptional benefits to the DAMA membership
  • Government Achievement Award – for a member of the government and leadership populace for instituting the adherence to or inclusion of DRM and IRM principles
  • Professional Achievement Award – for a member of the industry who has made significant and demonstrable contributions to the field
  • Lifetime Achievement and Contribution Award – special awards that have so far only been presented to two people: John Zachman in 2002 and Michael Brackett in 2006

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