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What Does Open Calais Mean?

Launched in 2008, Open Calais is a free web service provided by Thomson Reuters. This toolkit is used for incorporating semantic functionality into content management systems, applications, websites and even blogs. It enables users to create and attach rich semantic metadata from their submitted unstructured text and provide an output in RDF format that can be used for the semantic web.


Techopedia Explains Open Calais

Open Calais is a web service provided by Reuters for automatically attaching rich semantic data into documents and other content submitted by users. It employs natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, which were trained by Reuters’ editorial teams for years, to process data and extract the relevant semantic information.

On an average it takes the API under one second to process a sizable news article. The information gathered is then sent back as JSON, N3 or in Resource Description Framework (RDF) where results are grouped: identifying entities, facts, topics and events within the text. It also offers contextual navigation, more focused news and even hidden relevant facts and events within submitted texts.

The product’s initiative is to integrate interoperability of content and advance the company mission to deliver intelligent information.


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