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Frame Rate

What Does Frame Rate Mean?

A frame rate in video is the number of separate frames that are introduced to the viewer in a particular time frame. Frame rates are often measured in frames per second.


Frame rate is also known as frame frequency.

Techopedia Explains Frame Rate

Understanding the frame rate for a project involves understanding how the human eye and brain perceive moving images. One general rule of thumb is that while individuals can distinguish separate still pictures in a series with a frame rate under 12 frames per second. Faster rates, for example, 20 frames per second or above, appear to be moving images.

Different industries have different standards for frames per second or frame rates. In the cinema, experts might use the term "frames per second" for traditional film, and "refresh rate" for digital video that is not run from a projector. In cinema, where 24 frames per second has been a prevailing standard, a new 48-frame-per-second standard for shooting illustrates some advances in video production.


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