What Does ValueOps Mean?

ValueOps is a philosophy for infrastructure and operations leaders that involves blending a few key conceptual frameworks to leverage various strategic goals. Gartner’s Pace-Layered Application Strategy and a ValueOps philosophy help businesses to align the process of IT development with the needs of a business or organization.


Techopedia Explains ValueOps

In a nutshell, ValueOps combines elements of the DevOps design philosophy for streamlined development, and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL framework traditionally used for aligning business needs with IT and its five core volumes. CMMI is another framework that is blended. Gartner resources show how elements of these ideas can be combined in a ValueOps approach where “frameworks are not competing with each other.” Experts explain that de-emphasizing framework selection and taking a blended approach can help to customize the optimal ways in which processes are designed.


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