Video Telepresence

What Does Video Telepresence Mean?

Video telepresence is a general term for technologies that make videoconferencing more effective. The idea of "telepresence" is the notion that more enhanced technologies provide more "presence" for users in a digital space that attempts to simulate a real face-to-face environment.


Techopedia Explains Video Telepresence

Video telepresence relies on the idea that there is a lot more that can be gleaned from face-to-face meetings than just words. Telepresence initiatives aim to help digital platforms provide the same cues and real presence in terms of body language, context and atmosphere, visual and audio quality, etc., to make digital meetups more like meeting up in person. For instance, video telepresence resources may involve creating better resolution for screens, providing contextual data or using "telepresence robots" to help orient digital cameras. All of these focus on enhancing the ways that individuals use videoconferencing technology in their businesses and daily lives.


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