Telecom Analytics

What Does Telecom Analytics Mean?

Telecom analytics is a type of business intelligence specifically applied and packaged to satisfy the complex needs of telecommunication organizations. Telecom analytics is aimed at decreasing operational costs and maximizing profits by increasing sales, reducing fraud and improving risk management. Telecom analytic solutions usually extend well beyond what standard business intelligence solutions offer for monitoring and reporting and may include complex multidimensional analysis and forecasting.


Techopedia Explains Telecom Analytics

Telecom analytics involves data mining, text analytics, forecasting and optimization, and multidimensional analyses, as well as the use of descriptive and predictive modeling. Analytics is applied to telecommunications in order to improve visibility and gain real insight into the core operations and internal processes of the organization, gain knowledge of market conditions, spot trends even before they emerge and then establish forecasts based on the insights gained. Big data is now playing a major role in this.

Future analytics into the telecommunications process will include data coming from systems beyond the common billing and mediation sources, such as deep packet inspections, video optimization equipment, on-device clients and so on.


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