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Automated Regression Testing

What Does Automated Regression Testing Mean?

Automated regression testing is a software testing technique that utilizes computer-based tools and techniques in testing software after it has been changed or updated.


It is a test automation process that applies the work flow, plan, scripts and other processes within a regression testing methodology.

Techopedia Explains Automated Regression Testing

Automated regression testing typically requires some initial research into the software testing criteria, test plan and the changes made to the software. As with manual regression testing, the test seeks to unveil functional and non-functional bugs and errors within the tested software after the update process.

Automated regression testing primarily automates:

  • Testing processes that ensure software is recompiled correctly after an update
  • Testing for the work flow or the core logic of the software (identifying if the software is functionally correct)
  • Testing all other supporting services that complement the core software

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