Satellite Communications

What Does Satellite Communications Mean?

Satellite communications is the use of satellite technology in the field of communications. The services provided by satellite communications are voice and video calling, internet, fax, television and radio channels.


Satellite communications can provide communication capabilities spanning long distances and can operate under circumstances or conditions which are inoperable for other forms of communication.

Techopedia Explains Satellite Communications

Features of satellite communications:

  • Satellites used in satellite communications are usually in geostationary orbit. Some of them are placed in highly elliptical orbits.
  • Satellite communications can provide global availability. It can not only land masses but also maritime areas as well. Large distances can thus be covered quiet easily.
  • One of the main advantages provided by satellite communication is the superior reliability unlike other forms of communication. It does not need terrestrial infrastructure for operation.
  • Satellite communication could provide superior performance as uniformity and speed are much more pronounced than other forms of communication.
  • Scalability is higher in case of satellite communications.
  • Deployment cost is higher than most forms of communications in case of satellite communications.
  • As it is less vulnerable than other forms of communication, it is highly used in defense departments.
  • Satellite communications also provide weather information.
  • It can be helpful during times of disasters as the services rarely fail.
  • High amount of data can be transmitted with the help of satellites.

Communication satellite comprises of a transponder, antenna, communication payload, switching systems, command, and control system.


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