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IT Management

What Does IT Management Mean?

IT management is a broad term applied to the many different kinds of systems and resources needed to support a business-IT architecture. IT management can be applied to hardware setups and specific IT infrastructure, as well as to staffing and support services for infrastructure and to software products that help control hardware systems.


Techopedia Explains IT Management

Because IT management tools have such a broad scope, many of them are somewhat complex. In general, IT management involves visual and conceptual models for controlling various aspects of the IT architecture and support. For example, one segment of a tool deals with staffing, whereas another deals with routing data through a network, or into and out of a central data warehouse.

IT management professionals may deal with the technical aspects of maintaining systems, along with long-term planning for IT systems. This includes change in management and oversight, as well as the need to add or expand services as necessary, either building an IT architecture in-house or, as businesses are more likely to do, securing additional products and services from third-party vendors.


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