Managing Virtualization

What Does Managing Virtualization Mean?

Managing virtualization involves the simplification and automation of IT management in order to deliver speed and agility that allow businesses to respond to opportunities and negative effects faster. Virtualization has its own fair share of problems, such as the complexity of troubleshooting application and system performance, and also provides low visibility into business transaction flow, which could lead to disruption of key business processes. Managing virtualization aims to put complexity in check through the use of various software and hardware solutions that allow great visibility into the system, thus leading to informed decision making.


Techopedia Explains Managing Virtualization

Managing virtualization requires a combination of hardware and software solutions, which enable quick and easy monitoring of virtualized systems and resources through software interfaces that provide visual insight such as graphs and charts.

Virtualization management solutions are often integrated or installed in the hypervisor, which controls the physical infrastructure and virtual environments. These solutions are available from various vendors. All of these solutions have their strengths and weaknesses, but their end goal is the same: to manage virtualization and fulfill the benefits of cloud computing such as flexibility and scalability at a lower cost.


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