NetApp Storage

What Does NetApp Storage Mean?

NetApp storage refers to the hardware and software solutions provided by NetApp for different organizations in various industries. Both hardware and software work together to drive efficiency and lower cost in all tiers of storage equipment. NetApp storage aims to reduce bloated space, which is necessary for IT storage such as backups, snapshot copies and failover protection. The result is more usable storage per gigabyte compared to older solutions.


Techopedia Explains NetApp Storage

NetApp storage includes different storage appliance solutions such as the different fabric-attached storage (FAS) hybrid storage arrays, which are meant to be connected to the cloud using a unified architecture, which also supports a broad set of NAS and SAN workloads faster than entry-level hybrid arrays. This also includes the storage operating system Data OnTap, which uses a unified storage architecture that is meant to drive efficiency at the infrastructure layer in order to help control costs and increase efficiency; this is very important for cloud computing and virtualized environments.


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