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Hybrid Cloud Management

What Does Hybrid Cloud Management Mean?

Hybrid cloud management is the process of controlling an organization’s multiple cloud infrastructure deployments. It is often implemented through dedicated third-party software which integrates the infrastructure from different cloud service vendors into a single management platform which allows administrators to view and control all assets from both the private and public cloud through a single UI.


Techopedia Explains Hybrid Cloud Management

In some cases, going pure public cloud or pure private cloud is not viable for some organizations, especially those that deal with sensitive data, so a hybrid solution has to be taken. Having two different infrastructures can be a hassle so a centralized management process has to be put in place that bridges the different platforms. Hybrid cloud management is both a process and a software platform which dictates the principles of how a hybrid cloud should be managed.

A hybrid cloud management solution is often offered by most vendors of cloud computing services which bridges their own infrastructure and services with that of other vendors to enable the organization to control both platform from a single user interface as if they were simply pieces of a whole. Since both private and public clouds are essentially offering the same technology, this is not really that difficult to implement in practice.

Through the management portal, an administrator is able to provision or decommission instances, assign content, and view performance characteristics.


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