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What Does Cloud Management Software Mean?

Cloud management software generally refers to the combined software and technology used to guide the provision of cloud computing services. Cloud services help vendors offer Web-delivered tech solutions to a wide range of clients for various goals and objectives.


Techopedia Explains Cloud Management Software

The diversity of cloud management software is related to the diversity of cloud services themselves. Clouds services can involve data aggregation and storage, the remote use of software platforms, data analytics or any other kinds of digital activities that vendors can provide over the Web. Considering these, cloud management software may consist of different tools for supporting cloud services, for example, software tools that guide hardware setup, those that monitor systems and those that gather further intelligence for supporting human decision making.

Cloud management software may also include tools that look at the performance of cloud services. For example, a number of cloud services contracts include uptime and downtime provisions that guarantee that services are available to clients for a given percentage of active service time. To help satisfy these requirements, cloud management software tools can consistently monitor uptime and downtime and the reasons for both, not only to provide benchmarking and troubleshooting, but also to make sure that vendors know whether they are meeting uptime requirements.

Other types of cloud management software also depend on the type of cloud services, for example, whether the service is offering an individual application or a platform as a service (PaaS). Cloud management software solutions may also help in ensuring that servers are operational enough to provide services or they may monitor service use to make sure that other objectives are being met. They may address issues like security, compatibility or operational context in general. It is all part of providing better cloud services and creating industry standards that serve the rapidly emerging market for these services.


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