Storage Management

What Does Storage Management Mean?

Storage management, in the context of IT, refers to software solutions that help facilitate data storage. This applies to many different types of hardware or IT systems, from single desktop computers to large mainframes or server networks.


Techopedia Explains Storage Management

The category of storage management software consists of various subcategories covering aspects such as security, virtualization and more, as well as different types of provisioning or automation, which makes up the entire storage management software market. For example, storage management tools may address network virtualization, mirroring, traffic analysis or storage provisioning.

Many different storage solutions offer fault tolerance and data redundancy — for example, the redundant array of independent disks (RAID) strategy involves setting up multiple partitioned drives to hold data. This may be done in various ways, for example, by "striping," where a system adds data to each of the RAID pieces incrementally, in a kind of round-robin approach. These types of systems support crisis management, consistent data backup and sophisticated, reliable data storage.


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