Serial Inkjet Printer

What Does Serial Inkjet Printer Mean?

A serial inkjet printer is a type of printer that uses a series of print heads or nozzles to support specific print methodologies. This type of printer effectively delegates the “area” of printing to a variety of devices that work in tandem with each other to produce a specific result.


Techopedia Explains Serial Inkjet Printer

Different types of serial inkjet printers work in different ways. One example is a thermal inkjet, where the heating materials that generate the print images get ejected through the nozzles or print heads. Thermal printing is very common in different types of high-end printing.

Another type of serial inkjet printer is the piezo-electric inkjet printer. Here, electrical impulses help to eject the ink out of the nozzles and onto the paper.

Some serial inkjet models may include certain components used in laser printing or other cutting-edge technology for print results. The common factor among the different types of serial inkjet printers is that the printer has more than one component that delivers the ink or other substance onto the paper.


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