Serverless Printing

What Does Serverless Printing Mean?

Serverless printing refers to peer-to-peer printing over the Internet Protocol. This method removes the complication of having a piece of dedicated hardware for printing purposes and all processes and threads passing through certain queues, distributes and other such nodes. Serverless printing is also cost effective due to less machinery cost, less software cost and less backup server cost.


Techopedia Explains Serverless Printing

Computers that are linked through the Web over Internet protocol can send and receive printing commands without an intermediate server. The printer and computer both act as a client and server at the same time. A main server is not needed and clients can directly communicate. Server-based printing involves printing jobs that are temporarily stored in the server and user must wait for the printed document, which created inconvenience as well as wastage of time. Serverless printing has low maintenance and initial cost.


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