Service Desk

What Does Service Desk Mean?

A service desk, in the context of IT, is a type of service designed to support the provision of IT products and services. In particular, when experts refer to a service desk, they are talking about a support service that has certain capabilities related to troubleshooting or calibrating products or services.


Techopedia Explains Service Desk

The term “service desk” is considered by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) as a particular part of a service management structure. In this case, service desk refers to a single point of contact that can be utilized by end users and technical professionals alike. In general, IT resources refer to a service desk as a specific help desk or call center that has the resources to deal with actual requests for service or troubleshooting. Although some customer service desks may only be ticket-taking or information-gathering systems, strictly speaking, a service desk implies that those staffing the desk have the ability to correct or fix the systems that customers are calling about.


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