Store-and-Forward Manager (SFM)

What Does Store-and-Forward Manager (SFM) Mean?

A store-and-forward manager (SFM) is a service offered by WebLogic Server that offers reliable message delivery across various applications distributed over WebLogic Server instances. WebLogic JMS uses SFM services to help local applications safely transmit messages to other applications or queues placed at a remote location. WebLogic Web Servers completely depend on the SFM for communication.


Techopedia Explains Store-and-Forward Manager (SFM)

With the help of an SFM service, two applications or processes are placed remotely at two end points of a WebLogic Server. The service has a well-defined protocol that ensures the delivery of messages. If the other end application is unavailable, then the message is stored in local server buffer and once the connection is established the message is reliably delivered or forwarded to the designated remote instance. The storing and forwarding process involves two sides: a local sending side and a remote receiving endpoint. An SFM agent is responsible for safe and reliable delivery of message. The sending agent transmits the message and retransmits if it does not get acknowledgment on time. Similarly, the receiving agent sends an acknowledgement as soon as it receives a message.


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