Social Web

What Does Social Web Mean?

Social web refers to web services, structures and interfaces that support social interactions among humans. These include social media platforms, forums and even e-commerce portals. All of these have to do with the different ways that humans use technology to interact with one another online.


Techopedia Explains Social Web

The very broad term “social web” is used to describe how today’s modern internet facilitates personal intercommunication in so many different ways. The social web is seen by some industry analysts as a progression from the old “Web 2.0” model, another evolution of the internet over the last few years that was driven by netizens. IT professionals and analysts continue to monitor and review aspects of the social web; for instance, the W3C Consortium, a top internet standards group, has set up the Social Web Working Group with internet guru Tim Berners-Lee to look at issues related to the social use of the internet and to the future of the web.


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