What Does Socialcasting Mean?

Socialcasting refers to the idea of using online social media platforms (blogs, online communities, video-sharing forums and other such platforms) in order to stimulate ideas or events. It uses networking as a way of activate communication and encourages the sharing of positive information over social media. Many social websites provide socialcasting as an additional feature as well as live online content.


Techopedia Explains Socialcasting

Socialcasting platforms usually offer logins and signup options for members before they can stream audios/videos, upload files, comment and connect with their favorite channels, pages or groups. This way, ideas are spread fast and members of a forum enjoy a real-time viewing experience in the form of text chat, video, and image or live streaming. Many socialcasting sites offer community members discussion platforms such as forums, chat rooms, blogs, video broadcast platform and other social networking medium to meet new people with common interests, communicate social interests and discuss ideas being generated in the form of multimedia or text chat.


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