Speech Circuit

What Does Speech Circuit Mean?

Speech circuit refers to a circuit designed to transmit speech (or any other data) in the form of a digital or analog signal. Speech circuit is an integral part of all electronic devices that have a voice sending or receiving feature. These include microphones, telephones, cellphones, voice and video recorders, digital cameras, radio broadcasting equipment and electronic gadgets.


Techopedia Explains Speech Circuit

Integrated electronic circuits have replaced the use of wires and conventional circuit elements. This drastic change in the circuits has led to the development of microchips, microcontrollers and very small circuits that, in turn, resulted in the development of smaller and smarter technology gadgets. A speech processing unit is essentially an electronic circuit that converts voice signal data coming from a live or recorded source into analog (or digital) signals (or impulses) for transmission over a wired or wireless medium. All electronic devices that transmit or record speech signal data use a speech circuit to store the signal data in the appropriate form.


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