Redaction Tools

What Does Redaction Tools Mean?

Redaction tools are software tools that are used to redact documents or, in other words, to block out words or portions of a document according to rules for authorized use or viewing. They help to protect sensitive information and help enterprises and other groups to comply with regulations for a given industry or a type of document.


Techopedia Explains Redaction Tools

Redaction tools go far beyond what manual redaction offers, as redaction software tools offer the abilities to redact across different file formats, throughout a large number of files and in customized ways that support privacy goals and objectives.

Some features of redaction tools include the ability to redact redundant information across file folders and the ability to add notes showing the reasons for the redaction. These types of tools can be applied to different file formats like word processing formats (such as MS Word), PDFs and presentation formats (such as PowerPoint).

In general, redaction tools help to make certain kinds of tedious data entry or alteration easier, and to provide more comprehensive and consistent methods for safeguarding sensitive data in documents. This has become important in many types of industries, such as health care, where electronic medical records tools must comply with HIPAA regulations on protected health information, or in government work, where national secrets must be protected. The proliferation of redaction tools helps planners to achieve standards and levels of protection that serve their operations in a data-centered world.


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