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What Does Test Script Mean?

A test script is a script module that contains instructions fed into a system for testing purposes.


This can also be called a test case, although the term “test script” implies that the tool is written in an actual coding language, rather than as a plain text set of instructions.

Techopedia Explains Test Script

Test scripts can be written in languages such as:

  • JavaScript
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • VB script

They can work in many different ways to test and monitor various aspects of a codebase.

Test scripts can be developed in numerous ways. For example, when working with an object-oriented programming codebase, developers can use various strategies to access objects for testing purposes, including the written types of functions that effectively “capture” an object in running code.

In some cases, developers can take advantage of application programming interfaces (APIs) for creating the kinds of test scripts that provide functionality for developing projects.

In general, using a test script allows an IT professional to isolate the test case and determine the result of a predetermined input. This is part of a larger strategy of comprehensive testing for eliminating bugs and glitches, and for promoting better functionality for software products and services.


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