Point-to-Point T1

What Does Point-to-Point T1 Mean?

Point-to-point T1 is a direct and/or a private T1 network connection between two or more networks or locations. It is a secure, private and unshared network connection that provides a T1 network at a speed of 1.544 mbps between multiple networks/locations.


Point-to-point T1 is also known as point-to-point DS1, T1 private line, T1 leased line or a data T1.

Techopedia Explains Point-to-Point T1

Point-to-point T1 is mainly used to deliver secure and reliable network connection for business applications and services such as banking, financial, health and government. Point-to-point T1 requires T1 equipment to be installed in every location that is to be connected. Point-to-point T1 is primarily a closed network that is accessed only by directly connected nodes. It can carry voice, data, video or any combination of them. Point-to-point T1 is commonly used for delivering credit card processing, file and data sharing, VoIP and video conferencing services.


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