XML Database

What Does XML Database Mean?

An XML database is a database that stores data in XML format. This type of database is suited for businesses with data in XML format and for situations where XML storage is a practical way to archive data, metadata and other digital resources.


Techopedia Explains XML Database

Typically, an XML database is not a “relational database,” which stores data according to their relation to other pieces of data. However, the XML language is in itself an object-based language that allows users to take advantage of inherent XML organizational structures. IT professionals may refer to an XML database as a “native XML database” if it provides direct XML storage. They may also refer to an XML database as a NoSQL (Not only SQL) database because of other functionalities that it provides using an XML format. In general, an XML database is connected to other resources for retrieving data in XML format for use elsewhere in the enterprise network.


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