Managed Cloud As a Service

What Does Managed Cloud As a Service Mean?

Managed cloud as a service (MCaaS) is a type of cloud service model where the cloud provider offers a complete implementation and management of the cloud services. In some MCaaS models, the cloud vendor delegates the service management to third-party partners who make software packages into cloud services.


Techopedia Explains Managed Cloud As a Service

The general principle of managed cloud as a service (MCaaS) is in providing more resources and support for cloud services, rather than just implementation. Some IT experts describe MCaaS solutions as adding service to a "raw infrastructure." The idea behind MCaaS takes the original cloud computing concept a step further — whereas in traditional cloud computing, companies outsource hardware operations, with MCaaS, they also outsource the management and support of these systems.

Some MCaaS vendors see this model as a logical extension of traditional cloud computing services. They advertise it as "the ultimate in customer service" because it further takes the burden off of the end-user’s plate. MCaaS may cost more, but companies are investing in them to further innovate as Web-delivered methodologies take over from yesterday's out-of-the-box software installation model.


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