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Cloud Performance Monitoring

What Does Cloud Performance Monitoring Mean?

Cloud performance monitoring assesses the elements of cloud performance for cloud systems and vendor services. Using various metrics and methodologies, those doing cloud performance monitoring try to ensure that systems are providing benchmark levels of access and desired outcomes.


Techopedia Explains Cloud Performance Monitoring

Cloud computing is an area where performance is ultimately important. It is important to have good performance for the core processes of moving data from a client’s operations to a vendor’s cloud environment, and vice versa. Aside from that, there are other kinds of functionality that have to work well in the field.

Cloud performance monitoring tools look at availability of services, latency and throughput, application performance and more. They look at how the cloud network manages pressure and heavy data loads. Some metrics may be related to levels of use or traffic load on a network.

Generally, cloud performance monitoring allows companies to get a better idea of the quality of cloud services that they use. Digital services must have the desired functionality, but they must also have the desired levels of performance. Some aspects of system performance are detailed and guaranteed in a service level agreement (SLA), where a vendor provides certain expectations to clients.


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