Unstructured Data Mining

What Does Unstructured Data Mining Mean?

Unstructured data mining is the practice of looking at relatively unstructured data and trying to get more refined data sets out of it. It often consists of extracting data from sources not traditionally used for data mining activities.


Techopedia Explains Unstructured Data Mining

In general, data mining is the practice of combing through data sets and trying to get just the most valuable bits of information into a specific format. This is typically more difficult with relatively unstructured data. IT experts define unstructured data as data that is not in a specific format, data that is "text heavy" or data that is "hidden" in imprecise documents that are not formally ordered to provide technical information.

An example of an unstructured document would be a letter or correspondence between two or more parties. In unstructured data mining, technologies would break down that letter, looking for specific identifiers and bits of information such as the names of the related parties, the dates the letters were sent, the names of the involved businesses, the amounts of currency or other quantifying bits of data, or the codes assigned to particular products, services or deals. Those kinds of data are mined and then put in a format that businesses or other parties can use for a quick reference or for developed business intelligence applications.


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