MultiValue Database

What Does MultiValue Database Mean?

A MultiValue database is a flexible database that features a mix of NoSQL and multidimensional database. It is gaining popularity as a flexible and user-friendly database system with no database administrator support requirements. It saves memory, time, disk space and processing time, and does not require administrative skills. A MultiValue database system is closely related to the PICK database designed for the Pick operating system.


Techopedia Explains MultiValue Database

A MultiValue database allows a user to assign a list of values to an attribute unlike a typical database, which is designed to hold only one value per attribute. This solves a number of operational and memory issues and repetition problems faced by database managers. A MultiValue database also provides flexible options, for example, adding attributes does not require rebuilding the whole database, so there is no repetition for useful data that were already entered. This database is close in structure to a non-relational database, although it was created way before the non-relational database.


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