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Enterprise Network Architecture

What Does Enterprise Network Architecture Mean?

Enterprise network architecture refers to the specific setup and layout of enterprise networks. This type of system provides vital support for a business, from VoIP and telecommunications systems to data storage, data analysis, etc. All of these are served by a good enterprise network architecture.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise Network Architecture

System administrators often study an enterprise network architecture using visual models that show them where different components of the enterprise network are connected. For example, many of these visual models show components such as servers and databases, as well as network switches and hubs. Other components may include WLAN or network controllers, client adapters, firewall utilities and connections to the Internet or to an intranet, as well as items like NAS storage. End-user systems such as workstations or soft phones may also be included in an enterprise network architecture model. By looking at the enterprise network architecture, system administrators can ensure things are set up correctly to serve business needs and monitor systems for efficiency and performance.


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