Enterprise Security Architecture

What Does Enterprise Security Architecture Mean?

Enterprise security architecture is a comprehensive plan for ensuring the overall security of a business using the available security technologies.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise Security Architecture

To understand the difference between enterprise security architecture and enterprise security infrastructure, the word "architecture" is important. Enterprise security architecture represents a cohesive design that helps the different pieces of a security infrastructure work well together.

If a business has the right tools and resources but uses them incorrectly, it most likely does not get the intended results. For example, one part of its IT infrastructure may be less secure than the other because of the inconsistent use of the security tools.

With that in mind, enterprise security architecture relies on various concepts for its implementation. These include security domains, trust levels and tiered networks, planning tools that look at the different areas or parts of the business processes, and security systems. Security engineers work from these principles to provide an enterprise security architecture that works, which makes sure that the resources of a business are working and performing well in the field to support a comprehensive security.


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