Enterprise IT Management

What Does Enterprise IT Management Mean?

Enterprise IT management is a strategy that involves crafting IT management to boost business value. The phrase EITM is generally attributed to a company called CA Technologies, which is credited with creating this strategy.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise IT Management

In general, the aim of EITM is to focus on supporting only the IT activities that provide value to the business.

In aid of the above principles, a unified service model helps IT managers integrate technologies into business operations. Experts describe this as offering a birds-eye view or a comprehensive schematic of the IT services that a business uses. Besides providing tracking and designing business services in IT, EITM also provides governance and security management. These strategies will help firms obtain a clearer picture of which IT services should be pursued and know, for instance, how an EITM resource can help them determine whether to support a particular database, data center, VOIP setup, server farm, etc.


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