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IT Service Quality Management

What Does IT Service Quality Management Mean?

IT services quality management (IT SQM) is the practice of ensuring and managing the quality of IT services delivered and utilized within an organization.


It is a broad term that includes a number of different techniques and processes to ensure that IT services meet or exceed the desired quality standard.

Techopedia Explains IT Service Quality Management

IT service quality management is a discipline of IT management that works to provide a consistent level of IT services, within the required quality benchmark, across the organization. It analyzes, ensures and manages quality across all functions of IT such as software services, hardware services, network services and more.

IT service quality management utilizes key quality indicators (KQI) to measure, monitor and maintain the quality of IT services. Some of the key components of IT service quality management are:

  • Quality of software services
  • Quality of network/Internet services
  • User experience
  • Quality of hardware services

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