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Data Governance Framework

What Does Data Governance Framework Mean?

A data governance framework refers to the process of building a model for managing enterprise data. The framework or system sets the guidelines and rules of engagement for business and management activities, especially those that deal with or result in the creation and manipulation of data.


Techopedia Explains Data Governance Framework

The management and staff of an organization need to make good decisions, i.e., the ones that actually yield results. They thus need to create guidelines and rules, to ensure that these are being followed and then deal with ambiguities, noncompliance and other issues. A data governance framework empowers an organization to do just that, by allowing them to make informed decisions about how to manage data and eventually realize value from it, minimize cost and complexity, manage risk and ensure that the organization can fulfill the ever-growing demand for compliance with regulatory, legal and state requirements.

Organizations need more than just data management; they need a governance system that sets the rules for every type of activity. The system needs to answer data ownership questions, address inconsistencies in data across different departments as well as provide solutions to the growing need of big data and the various advantages it offers.


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