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Security Framework

What Does Security Framework Mean?

A security framework is a defined approach that intends to make computing free from security risks and privacy threats. With the introduction of cloud drives, the confidentiality, authentication and integrity of personal data have been challenged. Cloud accounts should be able to easily access data while, at the same time, security is safeguarded. One of the striking usability features of this framework is the single-sign-on (SSO)-based authentication, which allows users to maintain only one authentication credential for accessing different applications, even with different cloud service providers.


Techopedia Explains Security Framework

A dedicated hardware security layer, in conjunction with third-party software, can be used to safeguard privacy. Comprehensive security requires the implementation of strong authentication and access controls in order to perform encrypted transmission. For a strong and reliable security framework, both hardware and software layers should be addressed. It is possible to authenticate and maintain the integrity of information on cloud networks by isolating the code execution process and execution area.


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