Enterprise Data Security

What Does Enterprise Data Security Mean?

Enterprise data security is the process of delivering, monitoring and managing security across all data objects and repositories within an organization. It is a broad term that includes a number of tools, techniques, policies and framework to ensure that data is secure, regardless of where it is stored or consumed within the organization.


Enterprise data security is also known as enterprise data protection.

Techopedia Explains Enterprise Data Security

Enterprise data security primarily implements and manages data security standards and practices on an organization’s data. Depending on the criticality and utilization of data, enterprise data security standards and procedures can vary. For example, highly confidential data can be secured using multi-factor authentication, encryption and limited access.

Enterprise data security generally works to protect an organization against data loss and ensure security on all devices that utilize data. It is delivered using information security technologies such as firewalls and antivirus, along with data security standards and policies for managing and governing the entire process.


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