IT Service Management as a Service

What Does IT Service Management as a Service Mean?

IT service management as a service (ITSMaaS) is a somewhat recursive term for the idea that companies can outsource their IT services rather than maintaining them in-house. With ITSM, companies can decrease costs and free up staff, while getting quality IT service that trades on specialization and economies of scale.


Techopedia Explains IT Service Management as a Service

ITSM as a service can perform many functions for business. One of the most common is maintaining an IT ticketing system to diagnose and fix problems. In these types of situations, the IT service desk is not in-house at a company – it is hosted by a vendor. With today’s cloud delivery model and software as a service capacity, outsourcing to an ITSM vendor can make sense for a business.

In general, ITSM allows the company to maintain IT services with lower fixed costs for hardware and labor. Instead, companies often pay per user, per year, for a given IT service. In addition to basic IT diagnostic and repair services, ITSM can also provide other types of services, such as help with virtualization systems, storage assistance and much more.


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