Enterprise Data Governance

What Does Enterprise Data Governance Mean?

Enterprise data governance refers to the high-level handling and management of business data.


In the IT industry, opinions differ as to what constitutes data governance and what this term really means. Some experts distinguish higher-level data governance from more tactical data management, whereas others contend that many of the implementations in a data governance plan are relatively the same as those in data management and question whether the two terms are indeed mutually exclusive.

Techopedia Explains Enterprise Data Governance

Data governance is distinguished from other types of data management in that it provides a higher level of handling and management of data to ensure security and accuracy. In contrast, other kinds of data handling, often called data management, are considered lower level and deal mainly with the transactional aspect of data, such as how it flows through a network.

In general, enterprise data governance involves handling particularly important data sets for the purposes of customer service, reliable operations or other business goals.


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