Mobility Managed Services

What Does Mobility Managed Services Mean?

Mobility managed services (MMS) refers to a number of services aimed at companies that intend to develop or implement a mobile device strategy.


As a fairly broad term, mobility managed services may include sourcing for mobile devices, as well as repair and maintenance plans, and disposal strategies. MMS may also consider the logistics of corporate mobile device use and security.

Techopedia Explains Mobility Managed Services

In many ways, mobility managed services can help executives plan for the use of mobile devices by employees in the field, which can be a fairly complex task. Businesses may have different protocols for different levels of staff, or they might mix a corporate device strategy with a "bring your own device" (BYOD) strategy, which allows some employees to use their personal devices for their work.

BYOD has raised the security risk for companies; even the use of strictly corporate devices has its own security considerations. MMS can help with the deployment and use of smartphones, mobile ruggedized devices and anything else that is used for mobile communications.

MMS have emerged to help employers meet all of these challenges — industry experts claim that many MMS vendors use a subscription model for charging customers. At the same time, they also warn that companies should look carefully at the experience and skill set of the vendors, as well as the actual contracts, to understand whether MMS can really help provide more efficiency and problem solving for what the client does.


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