Workflow Management Software

What Does Workflow Management Software Mean?

Workflow management software is a software application designed for setting up and monitoring a defined set of tasks along with its sequence. It helps users in collaborating and automating processes, as well as in defining different workflows for different types of processes and applications. Workflow management software also helps in reducing the manual efforts involved and in automating redundant tasks.


Techopedia Explains Workflow Management Software

Every workflow management software makes use of a workflow engine, which helps in creating and modifying the different tasks in the system. It also makes use of the necessary IT and human resources based on the functionality and time, as well as taking care of scheduling the different activities involved in different processes.

Workflow management software provides a well-planned, structured and centralized approach for managing business processes, and can help in reducing the resources involved in the process. It is capable of increasing parallel run tasks, unlike with a manual process.

Workflow management software reduces the time needed for transferring pending work between tasks and allows for continual tracking and notification. It also greatly reduces the costs associated with documentation involving paper and manual interventions.

It is not difficult to implement, and allows business processes to continue without major modifications in the application. It brings in continuous business improvements; streamlining and simplification of business processes can be easily tackled, as it provides good process control.

This software helps improve customer service as consistency in doing tasks allows greater predictability in customer response levels. It also allows more flexibility to meet business needs, as well as providing support for runtime functions, built time functions and runtime interaction functions.


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