Print Server Management

What Does Print Server Management Mean?

Print server management is the process of managing servers that were set up to handle print jobs in a distributed network. It is used in a network that offers remote printing options.


Techopedia Explains Print Server Management

One of the most common setups is where a print server handles the traffic between a printer and workstations that may be distributed in other parts of a room or building. The workstations send their requests for printing to the server, which prioritizes tasks and sends information to the actual physical printer.

Print server management is one category of overall print management, where sophisticated software packages help human users to complete print jobs. Print management software cues up work and can also provide access levels, set pricing and help with layout through intuitive features and icons that help people understand the software they are using. Some tech companies offer print server management and print management options to help make print solutions a part of a network setup.


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