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What Does Secure Print Mean?

Secure print is a term for printing tasks that meet a standard for privacy to prevent the unauthorized use of printed information. The term can be applied either to a network or to a hardware setup.


Techopedia Explains Secure Print

At a fundamental level, the software and tools used in secure print deal with issues including access levels and the need to control printing according to the human users who are accessing the setup. For instance, a secure print strategy may include mandatory PIN number inputs or other security measures to ensure that the user holding the digital assets is on hand for printing to monitor the print job and protect its privacy.

Secure print software is made to meet the standards of the digital age. It may feature compliance with standards like HIPAA, which governs the sets of personal and protected health information in the medical industry, or it may be tailored to the needs of a corporate client. Security experts view and define print security as its own category within a comprehensive security architecture. There is also a critical distinction between secure print technology, which serves individual users in a public service model, and security infrastructure, which is in place across a network to serve a company or enterprise.


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