What Does Faceplate Mean?

A faceplate is a piece of material, usually plastic or metal, used to fit over a device’s components. It is mainly used for protection and for enhancing the design and appearance of the device.


Techopedia Explains Faceplate

Faceplates are mostly snap-on plates, though some faceplates are secured to the device with the help of screws and nuts. Electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods and computers make use of faceplates. Consumers can change the faceplates for these devices based on their tastes and personalities. Faceplates in most devices can be removed by users and are mostly easy to fasten and remove.

Faceplates are relatively inexpensive components and very versatile as well. Faceplates can be used for regular and irregular shapes and can provide a strong fit to these shapes. It can provide a variety of designs and looks for the device, thus increasing its appeal and aesthetic looks. A faceplate also helps in protecting the device.

High skill is required in creating the right faceplate for a component. Accurate measurements are sometimes required in the manufacturing of faceplates, as errors could make a loose-fitting faceplate.


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