Test Analyst

What Does Test Analyst Mean?

A test analyst is an individual who has a specific role in the software testing process. In general, the test analyst works as part of a team, with a responsibility to assess testing design and procedure the whole way through the testing life cycle.


Techopedia Explains Test Analyst

Some of the major roles of a test analyst involve defining testing requirements, evaluating test coverage for a project and looking at the overall quality as testing proceeds. The test analyst’s role may be fairly broad; he or she may help in identifying test cases for automation, looking at the scope of the project and making sure that processes are proceeding as planned.

A test analyst needs analytical skills, an understanding of the software process, and knowledge of various software and hardware systems and environments. He/she may be involved in the delegation of roles or in a kind of shifting process where different strategies are used for the design and testing processes and for the processing of the final results. All of these are part of highly developed processes for quality checking of software on its way to eventual release. Software testing is extremely important in order to minimize bugs and glitches, and to optimize the functioning ability of a new software product.


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