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Keyword-Driven Testing

What Does Keyword-Driven Testing Mean?

Keyword-driven testing is a comprehensive approach to testing that allows for certain kinds of streamlining of test cases or, in some cases, the automation of testing processes.


Keyword-driven testing is also known as action word-based testing and table-based testing, because the keywords can be laid out visually in a table that shows what is being tested.

Techopedia Explains Keyword-Driven Testing

Keyword-driven testing essentially provides a level of abstraction that lets multiple testers handle testing in more versatile ways. Testers use keyword "commands" or keyword syntax to identify objects and parts of the code to be worked on. Various tutorials show how keyword-driven testing works in programming languages like Python, Java and Perl, using drivers, libraries and other resources to take advantage of this testing functionality. The idea is that less-savvy users can work on testing design using keywords, which is a more syntactical approach than writing instructions in traditional code languages.


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