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Mobile Device Testing

What Does Mobile Device Testing Mean?

Mobile device testing is the process of ensuring the quality of the hardware and software of a mobile or handheld device.


It is generally conducted by mobile device manufacturers to ensure that the device is working properly or within the desired parameters before it is released for consumers.

Mobile device testing is also known as mobile device unit testing.

Techopedia Explains Mobile Device Testing

Mobile device testing generally evaluates and tests the hardware, software (firmware) and any other factory-installed applications on the mobile device. Its key objective is to ensure that the mobile device is compliant with industry-required standards and accreditation. The mobile devices can range from standard mobile phones to smartphones and PDAs. Typically, the hardware of mobile devices is tested by techniques such as using the mobile device for long periods of time (stress testing), battery test, screen test and others. It also evaluates installed components within the mobile device such as touch sensors, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and more. The software testing part of the mobile device testing identifies and removes source code errors, performs a compatibility check with applications and the platform and perfroms other types of tests as well.


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