What Does Mini-ITX Mean?

Mini-ITX is a type of motherboard created by VIA. They are small in size, strong in processing power and low in cost. They are fit to use in devices with small spaces such as automobiles, network devices, routers and small robots. Mini-ITX boards are laregly used by commercial and embedded PC manufacturers, as the board is 170 mm × 170 mm (6.75″ × 6.75″) in size, ideal for small designs.


Techopedia Explains Mini-ITX

Mini-ITX is a compact motherboard that is designed for small budgets and small spaces, but also has a high-speed processor. The design of the motherboard itself is compact, with the processor soldered to the board and a powerful heat sink with a rich supporting chipset providing networking, graphics and sound. A power supply, memory and hard drive with Mini-ITX makes a complete computer which can play HD video, has excellent processing power and gives performance comparable to a high-end computer. A computer created with a Mini-ITX is powerful enough to support network connections, web surfing, email, running of simple applications and playing of videos or music.


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